Commercial Roof Inspections

Your commercial roofing system is a valuable business asset that needs to be protected and maintained properly. Routine roof inspections performed at least once a year along with a roof maintenance program to perform repairs as needed is a cost-effective way to reduce leaks and ownership costs while extending the life of your roof.

As one of the leading roofing companies in Albuquerque, we perform both visual and non-destructive roof inspections. We also offer roof maintenance programs to track information about your roof and help you stay on top of repairs.

Commercial Roof Inspection Services

When you begin a roof management program, our technicians will begin by developing a file for your roof that includes the following information:

  • Installation date
  • Installation contractor
  • Warranty and manufacturer information
  • Roof deck, insulation, and membrane type
  • Leak history
  • Repair history including repair type, date, and cost


This information will help you track the lifelong cost of your roofing system and better prepare for the inevitable: recovering or replacement. We will also perform a condition assessment of our roof to learn more about its condition and expected lifespan.

Our commercial roofing contractors perform both visual and non-destructive roof inspections. A visual inspection should take place at least once a year depending on the condition of your roof and the amount of foot traffic it receives.A non-destructive inspection can be done at the same time as a visual inspection. This type of inspection may include infrared testing to confirm the presence of moisture under the roof membrane, establish a baseline for your maintenance program, and locate leaks.

A visual roof inspection will always include an in-depth examination of your roof system, flashings, drains, and gutters. A technician will also evaluate conditions that may affect the performance of your roof in the future, document deficiencies that need to be corrected, and provide any information you need to preserve the integrity of your roof.

Contact our commercial roof inspection experts today to formulate a maintenance plan that will preserve the integrity of your roof and extend its lifespan. But if it is time for a commercial roof replacement, then the lifespan of your roof is over and the inspection will be able to tell this.

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