Commercial Roof Repair

Improper maintenance is a leading cause of premature flat roof failure. The best way to make sure your commercial roof lasts for many years is to schedule an annual inspection and make repairs as needed. After all, even the best roof can be damaged by fallen debris, sunlight, strong wind, rain, and foot traffic. Even a small leak can disrupt operations and lead to structural, equipment, and inventory damage. Our Albuquerque roofing contractors are standing by to respond quickly, locate the source of the problem, and make timely, cost-effective repairs to avoid costly operation interruptions.

Commercial Roof Leak Repairs

If your flat roof is leaking, our commercial roofing contractors will begin with a thorough inspection to pinpoint the source of the leak and identify other problem areas. Leaks often develop at seams, attachment points, and flashings. The inspection will also check for cracks near chimneys, ventiliation openings, joints, and corners. Your roof will be assessed for damage, deterioration, aging, ponding water, and punctures.

Most flat roof leaks are due to ponding water, or water that has been standing on the roof for more than 48 hours. Roofs may also come from roof drains, skylights, and chimneys. While uncommon, leaks may also come from a puncture in the roof membrane. Material shrinkage is a common problem that causes leaks in EPDM membranes. Foot traffic may also lead to leaks over time as maintenance personnel and contractors walk on the roof, walk over fasteners, drop objects, and puncture the membrane.

Replacing your roof is an expensive and time-consuming project. A roof that has a few leaks does not necessarily need to be replaced unless the material has reached the end of its life, the roof was not installed properly, or the insulation under the roof is wet.

Our roofing contractors can repair leaks in all types of commercial flat roofs such as modified bitumen roofs, tar and gravel roofs, single-ply membranes, and built-up roof systems.

Commercial Warranty Roof Repairs

Our Albuquerque commercial roofing contractors are licensed to install and repair all major roofing systems. We can perform up-fits, renovations, and repairs for warranted and unwarranted roofs. Our technicians are qualified to perform warranty repairs on commercial roofs that maintain an existing manufacturer's warranty. We will help you understand what your warranty covers and what it does not to make informed decisions on roof repairs. We also provide a warranty on workmanship to cover installation.

Is your commercial roof leaking or showing signs of damage? Don't delay; contact our roofing contractors today for a free estimate.

One roofing service that we provide that is very important to the health of your roof is a commercial roof inspection. This should be performed at least every two years to ensure that your roof is in good health.

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