Flat & Low Slope Roofs

There are two broad categories of roofs: steep slope and low slope roofs. Low slope roofs have a slope with a less than 14-degree angle. This type of roof has three main components: a weatherproofing layer to keep water from entering; a reinforcement to add strength and stability to the membrane; and surfacing to reinforce protection against sunlight and weather elements. Our Albuquerque roofing contractors have experience installing all types of flat and low slope roofs for residential and commercial properties.

Types of Low Slope Roofs

There are many roofing material options for flat or low slope roofs. The following are the most common options for a low slope roof. Note that some options are best for commercial properties rather than homes.

Metal Roofs

While most people assume metal can only be installed on steep slopes, this is not the case. Metal roofs can be an excellent option for flat and low slope roofs as metal roofs have a very long lifespan with little to no maintenance. Some metal roofing on a low slope will require machine seaming during installation but this is not always the case.

Modified Bitumen

This asphalt-based roofing system is reinforced with fiberglass or polyester. Modified bitumen roofs offer great resistance to tears, punctures, and foot traffic.

Built-Up Roofs

Built-up roof (BUR) systems have several plies of fabrics or mats that are laminated together with bitumen. The top is finished with gravel, a mineral cap sheet, or weather resistant coating. BUR systems are designed to be waterproof and weatherproof while resisting punctures.


EPDM is a synthetic rubber material that offers a great deal of flexibility. EPDM membranes are very resistant to abrasion, weathering, ozone, and ultraviolet radiation. The durability of EPDM allows it to stand up well to high temperatures common in New Mexico.


PVC roofing systems have been used for more than four decades and they have become more advanced. PVC roof membranes are thermoplastic materials that can be seamed with heat welding, tape products, or solvent welding.


TPO roofing membranes are made from ethylene-propylene and polypropylene polymers. This type of roofing can be made resistant to fire, UV radiation, and more. TPO, while new, is often marketed as the next-generation roofing membrane that combines benefits of EPDM and PVC roofing without the drawbacks.

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