Roof Overlays

If your roof is showing signs of aging and needs to be replaced, you have two options: a tear-off and roof replacement or a roof overlay with a new roof installed over your existing shingles. If your roof has minimal water damage and no history of leaks, an overlay can be a good option to save up to 25% of the cost of your new roof. Our Albuquerque roofing contractors specialize in professional roof overlays to give you a brand-new roof that looks great and protects your home from water damage.

A Roof Overlay Can Save Money

Replacing a roof is a major expense. If your roof is in good shape, an overlay can save you up to 25% on the cost of a new roof. Overlayments eliminate tear-off time while reducing the time of installation. Just remember that the roof will not last as long as a completely new roof; an overlay will have a lifespan up to 20% shorter than a tear-off and re-roof.

Is an Overlay an Option?

While a roof overlay can be a cost-effective solution, it's not always advised. A roof overlay will not be a good option in the following situations:

  • The roof has more than one layer of shingles. A roof that already has more than one layer of shingles should be torn off and replaced. Building code will rarely allow more than two layers of roofing material.
  • The roof deck is bad. If there is even a suspicion that the roof decking is bad, the existing roof should be torn off. You likely have a bad roof deck if you notice spongy areas while walking on the roof or you see sagging. This indicates the roof deck is damaged, deteriorating, or rotting.
  • The existing shingles are incompatible. If you are upgrading to a heavier roofing shingle on top of lightweight 3-tab shingles, your new roof will look very good. Overlaying lightweight shingles on heavy shingles will leave visible ridges and bumps.
  • The existing roof is in poor condition. A roof with curling or deteriorating shingles should be torn off and replaced as putting new shingles on top of the damaged shingles will lead to leaks.
  • There is a risk of ice dams. While this is not a problem for homeowners in Albuquerque, roof overlays are not a good choice in areas with temperatures that go below 30 degrees.

Roof overlayments should always be performed by experienced roofing contractors in Albuquerque to prevent leaks and improper installation that can allow water under the new shingles and old roof. If your roof is showing its age and you're considering an overlay, contact our roofing contractors today for an estimate.

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